Sunday, May 1, 2011

Recovering and getting ready for the criterium

Well the tour of korea is over so its time to recover a bit. But this Thursday is a criterium with a pretty good purse so i had to ride a little bit this week. Im racing the mountain bike category with slick tires so i got my bike all set up and rode a little bit over the weekend. I reallly miss mountian bike riding and once the race is over i hope to put some knobbies on and get some good riding in here. This weekend was pretty fun. Saturday i met one of my best friends girlfriends for the first time since she is visiting Korea me and him and yujin and his girlfriend all went shopping together in the pouring rain in Myeong dong(one of the most popular shopping areas in Seoul). Sunday the weather was a lot better thankfully. I went for a 2 hour ride in teh morning then Yujin came and we had a picnic near my house by a creek in the woods. Now that tour of Korea is over the next thing i have to do is figure out exactly which MBA programs i want to apply too! Exciting stuff!


Brian said...

I'm an ex crit racer who moved here in August. Is there anyplace I could find a race calendar on line so I could maybe find a race. I'm looking for amature crits or road races. Thanks.

Derek Laan said...

hi brian
look at its all in korean but thats where they post most of the info about crits and road races here. You will probably have better luck if you just try to join a club team and have them take you to races too.