Monday, May 30, 2011

Team Time Trial report

Last saturday was a TTT in Hwaseong city (about 1 hour west of where I live). The course was a really boring flat 5km oval but it was good for a TTT because it made it easy to draft and set up echeleons. We started with 7 guys and we needed to finish with 4. The race was 8 laps for 40km and after the first lap we ended up dropping 3 guys all at once! That meant that we couldn't afford to lose another rider. My teammate Hwangeol brought a TT bike and was taking nice long pulls while the rest of use were basically just pulling through for 10 seconds to give him a small break. I was behind Hwangeol and it was not very fun to draft someone riding a TT bike! We placed 3rd over all(last money spot) and we beat 4th by only 4 seconds and 5th by only 10 seconds! Our time was about 57 minutes. It was a pretty good race overall and I was really please with the way my team rode despite dropping the 3 guys right at the beginning. There won't be another race until the end of June for me it looks like. There are a bunch of mountain bike races and hill climbs but nothing really well suited to me so I guess I will just ride for fun and try to do some epic hikes with out an racing for a little bit.

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