Thursday, May 5, 2011

Children's Day Criterium report

Yesterday was Children's Day in Korea. Its a national holiday so everyone gets the day off. The race was in Gwangmyeong which is west of seoul and a little over an hour drive from my house. I raced it last year and liked the course so i was looking forward to it this year. I did the men 40 and under group on mountain bikes and my group included the winner of the tour de korea as well as another biclo (the dominant team at tour de korea) and my teammate Yeon deok were probably the fastest riders i could think of in the group. The biclo guys attacked a bunch at the beginning but there attacks were quickly neutralized basically it was a field sprint. There were 2 tough corners in the last 600m and yeon deok attacked going into that section. he gapped the biclo guy who i was sitting on by about 5 meters and held the gap through the next corner. I sprinted the biclo guy for second and he got me by about 5 inches! But they didnt' have a camera for the race finish they only used chip timing and our time was exactly the same according to the system so we both got 2nd place (they split the money of 2nd and 3rd place between us). Overall a great race for our team. Yeon Dok didnt' have the best tour de korea so it was good to see him win this one! The next race is in 3 weeks its a 30km road race in the morning and a TTT in the afternoon. The picture is me and Yeon deok mid race.

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