Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hwaseong Circuit Race 화성교통안전대회

Last Saturday I did a 40km circuit race at a car testing track in Hwaseong about an hour west of my house.  The course was flat 5km oval and we had 8 laps.  I was in the men 20-40 mountain bike division.

My teammate Yeon Deok and another rider Hyeong Mo Lee were the 2 other fastest riders in the race.  I knew Hyeong Mo would attack so I made sure to cover.  He attacked on the first lap but was reeled back in every time.  I countered one of his moves and got in a group with 3 other riders but we weren't going fast enough to stay away.  Hyeong Mo caught us and immediately attacked.  I knew eventually he would get away so I jumped on his wheel and after a few hundered meters we had a pretty decent gap on the pack.

My teammate Yeon Deok was sitting in and the chase was pretty disorganized.  Because the course was soo flat and long we could see the pack behind us but at one point we had a pretty large gap.  We worked together until 10km (2 laps) to go and then Hyeong Mo started attacking me.  I wanted it to come down to a sprint so I just kept jumping on his wheel.  After 5 or 6 hard attacks from him I was getting pretty tired.  Going into the last 2km I thought it would come down to a sprint.  He saved his best attack for last though and was able to gap me by about 5 seconds or so going into the last km.

So I picked up my fourth second place finish of the season.  I was still pleased with the result because I'm not sure I could have done anything differently to win.  Hyeong Mo's attacks were extremly strong and I'm not sure I could have even beaten him in a 2 up sprint.

Another rider from the pack attacked and took third while my teammate Yeon Deok won the field sprint for 4th.  There was also a TTT after the road race but my team didn't have enough interest from our members to race.  We also had one girl (Michelle) in the race and she won the women's road bike division in a photo finish to pick up her first win of the season.

This weekend I'm doing my first 100km mountain bike marathon.  The course looks pretty brutal and I'm looking forward to an epic race.

지난 토요일 나 화성 교통안전대회탔어요.  나 남자 A 그룹으로 탔어요.  나랑 연덕형 같이있었어요.  코스가 8바귀이얐어요  1바귀 5키로 그리고 게속 평지았어요.

시작했을때 어택 좀있었지만 다 못갔어요.  나도 한번 해봤지만 우리 2키로 정도 타고 팩 다시왔어요.  2번재 바귀에서 이형모 형 어택다다했어요  우리 빨리 50미터 앞에있었어요.  그다음 20키로 같이 다렸어요.

8키로 남았을때 형모형 어택시작했어요.  나 다다할수있었지만 너무 힘들었어요.  마지막2키로 에  형모형 너무 힘이쎈 어택했어서 나 못다다했어요  한 10초정도 뒤에 2등했어요.  그리고 연덕 스프린트이겨서 4등했어요.  1등하고싶어지만 이번은 잘탔어요.  우리 팀 미쉴 누나 도 너무 잘탔어요  포토 피니쉬로 1등했어요! 

이번주말에 나 100키로 박달재 대회탈거에요! 너무 힘들거같아지만 재미있을거에요!

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