Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Incheon Rally Race Report: 2nd Place! 인천 랠리 리포트: 2등!

On Saturday I raced in the Incheon Rally. I did the mountain bike category. The course was 35km or so with 4km of dirt road through a construction area. It was an out and back lollipop so we did 2km of dirt on the way out and 2km on the way back.
The race started out with a lot of attacks and but I knew nothing would stick until we hit the dirt. I went into the dirt in 3rd place behind Hyung Mo Lee(2nd place at the Tour de Korea and a super strong rider) and my teammate Ji Haeng. Hyung Mo set a brutal pace and after the dirt we had a decent gap on the rest of the group. Unfortunatly my bike was having some problems and the chain was skipping and jumpint like crazy. Also Hyung Mo and Ji Haeng were pulling so hard I could barely keep pace just drafting!
Going into the dirt again I knew Hyung Mo would attack so I stayed on his wheel but when he attacked going into a gravel pit I couldn't grab it. He had about a 5-10 second gap going back onto the road on me and Ji Haeng. We chased hard and with 2km to go I asked Ji Haeng to give it his all. I would attack with 400m or so to go to try to pass Hyung Mo but I came up just a few meters short at the end. I was really hoping to get a win but second and third place for my team is still great. I was also just happy to finish the race with out breaking my chain since it was skipping so much!

This weekend I'm racing at Muju resort in what is supposed to be the biggest mountain bike race in Korea. It has XC, Downhill and 4 Cross racing. I'm looking forward to testing myself against the best mountain biker racers in Korea and to racing on a more American style course.

지난주 토요일에 저 인천 랠리 대회탔어요! 나 산악자전거로 신청했어요. 코스가 35키로 정도이얐어요 그리고 4키로 정도 임도있었어요.
시작 부터 어텤많이있었지만 임도에서 제일 힘들부분 같았어요. 임도에서 나, 지행형 이형모형 같이 앞에갔어요. 임도 끝날때 다든사람 다 없어졌어요.
내 자전거 체인에 문제좀있었어서 타기 힘들었어요. 앞에서 못 나와서 그냥 지행형 형모형 다다했어요. 임도 다시 탈때 형모형 어텤 해볼거같았어서 잘뒤에 붙었지만 Sand pit 에서 일어버렸어요. 지행형이랑 같이 해봤지만 못잡았어요. 마지막이키로에 지행형 앞에 너무 열심히 달렸어서 나 400m 에서 스프린트시작 하지만 형모형 일초 뒤에 피니쉬했어요. 포디엄이렇게 나왔어요 형모형 1등 나 2등 지행형3등.
1등 하고싶지만 2등도 괜찮았어요. 체인 안 불어졌어도 다행이얐어요! 이번주말에 나 무주대회 나가요. 너무 재미있을거같아요. 한국에서 찐자 XC 스타일대회 타본쪽없어요! 그리고 한국 제일 잘타는 산악자전거 선수들 다 나올거야서 재미있을거같아요!

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