Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Muju Resort Mountain Bike Race: 2nd Place again!!! 무주 대회: 또 이등했어요

Last Saturday I raced the Sam Chun Ri Muju Race. The race was held at one of the biggest ski resorts in Korea, Muju Resort and the main sponsor was SamChun Ri which is the biggest chain of bicycle stores in Korea (There is basically one or 2 in every single town). The atmosphere was similar to the NORBA National Series races which I did a few of when I was a junior. Lots of people and vendors as well as a whole range of races (XC, Downhill and 4 Cross).

My race was super short at just 12km but the course was pretty brutal. It started with a 1km or so climb up the ski hill which was super bumpy and rocky. After a descent with some single track it climbed back up the ski hill for another kilometer before descending to the finish. I ended up second in my age group. The winner was a really strong Korean rider who is an excellent climber. I could see him the whole race but he kept pulling further away from me on the climbs.

I really enjoyed the race. It was a lot of fun to race on a more traditional XC style course and watching the downhill race was a blast.

After coming back on Saturday I decided to go for a long hike Sunday with a few friends. We did a mountain ridge that I had been wanting to hike for a while. I parked my car at the base of the mountain and we hiked it all the way to the nearest town (about 7 or 8 miles total) and then took a taxi back to my car. It was a really nice hike and I found some forest roads that I need to come back and explore on my mountain bike.

This weekend I'm racing at a car testing track. Its a 40km road race and I'm entering the Mountain bike on the road category. Hopefully I can break this streak of second places (this is my third of the year) and get a win!

지난주말에 나 무주 대회탔어요! 무주 대회 너무 재미있었어요. 옛날 미국 전국 시리즈 NORBA Nationals처럼 다운힐,크러스컨투리 랑 포 크로스 다있었어요! 내대회 좋았어요. 나 2등했어요. 일등 하는사람 계속 앞에 볼수있었지만 업힐 너무 빨리 타고있어서 나 못 다다했어요. 코스 마음들었어요 너무 힘들지만 미국 스타일 코스이얐어요.

대회끝나고 일요일에 친구들이랑 등산갔어요. 우리 코스 백암 구봉산이얐어요. 내차타고주차했어요 4시간 정도 등산하고 백암신내 왔어요. 택시타고 주차장 다시 갔어요! 코스 너무 아름다웠어요 그리고 새 자전거 탈수있는임도 두개 찾았어요. 나증에 산악 자전거 타로 다시 갈거예요!

이번주말에 나 교통안전대회신청했어요. 나 MTB 타로 신청했어요 우리 팀 TTT 타고싶은사람이없어서 TTT 못타요. 무주 대회 이번 시즌 나 3번째 2등하는거 이야서 이번주말에 꼭 일등 해볼거예요!!

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