Sunday, May 6, 2012

Upcoming races! 곧 하는 대회!

This past weekend there weren't any races but I got a lot of good training in.  Friday after work I explored a new mountain bike trail I had been wanting to ride.  Its a dirt road to the top of a mountain that is used for para gliding (jumping off the mountain with a parachute!).  The forest road up was great and I figured there would be a nice single track downhill but all of the trails I found were either too steep or too rocky to ride.  The road ended up connecting to another forest road loop I like to ride though and I rode that down and back home. 
Saturday I rode together with Aaron, Chuck and Luis from the Osan Air Force Base.  We got a good 4 hour ride in with one nice climb.
Sunday I did a 3 hour mountain bike ride on two of my favorite trails in the area.  The first has a long steep forest road climb up through the Yangji Pine Resort(where I ski usually) then has a 6km long section of awesome technical single track.  Next I rode south to Munsu san which has a nice 10km double track loop around the mountain.  Both of the climbs were brutal (forest roads with over a 10% average grade for 2-3km each) but have great downhills.  

I needed to get some good training in because I've registered for races each of the next 4 weeks.  Next Saturday there is a 40km circuit race in Incheon that should suit me pretty well.  The next week I will be racing the XC race at the Samcheon Ri Muju race.  This is supposed to be the biggest mountain bike race in the country.  It has a full slate of racing with XC, Downhill, and 4 cross.  Most of the mtb races here are marathon style (one big loop with mostly double track) but this one is more traditional XC with a 6km loop and some single track. 
The next weekend there is a TTT in Hwaseong about an hour from my house.  I did this race last year too.  Its held on a 5km oval used for testing cars.  Not the most interesting course but a good place to hold a TTT. 
Finally the first weekend in June I registered for the Bad Dal Jae 100km mountain bike race.  I've never done an mtb race this long before (except one 12 hour race when I was 16) and I'm really excited.  Typically long races like this aren't really my thing but I think just riding the course itself will be an accomplishment. 
I'll post here again after the race in Incheon this weekend!

지난주말에 자전거 많이 탔어요!  금요일에 학교끝나고 새 산악자전거코스 타봤어요.  용인 파라그라이딩장 가는 임도 탔어요  힘들지만 정산 너무 아름다웠어요!  정상에서 탈수있는싱글 찾아봤지만 타 못타는거이얐어요.  다른임도 타고 금오리까지 탔어요. 
토요일에 미국 항군 친구들이랑 4시간 도로 탔어요.  언덕 한개 어러갔어요.  일요일은 혼자서 내가 좋아하는싱글코스 탔어요.  양지파인 올어가는임도타고 6키로 정도 재미있는싱글타고 묵리 임도 코스 도 탔어요.  둘다 힘들지만 재미있었어요! 
다음주 부터 대회 다시시작이야서 훈련 많이했어요!  다음주토요일 나 인천래리 mtb 로 탈거예요!  코스 내스타일 이야서 잘타고싶어요!  그다음에 나 삼천리 무주대회 탈거예요.  무주 타본쪽 없지만 미국 대회 처럼 있을거같아요.  5월26일 교통 안전 TTT 도 탈거예요!  마지막신청 하는것 박달재 100키로 산악자전거 대회 신청 했어요.  월에 나 킨 코스 잘못 탔지만 이것 너무 재미있을거같아요!  인천 대회끝나고 여기에서 리포트쓸거예요!

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