Monday, April 30, 2012

Tour de Korea Stage 6, 7 and 8 투르드코리아 6, 7, 8스테지

Stage 6 didn't exactly go as I had hoped.  Since I had earned sprint jersey points I was hoping to score some more on this stage.  The course was mostly big rolling hills and I thought the pack would stay together.  A break of about 10 got away up the road and I wasn't in it because I had been sitting in the pack trying to save my energy.  My team had no one in it and we didn't end up catching the break until the last 500m of the race or so.  Unfortunatly that meant I didn't earn any sprint points!
Stage 7 was the queen stage of the race and I was looking forward to hopefully making up major time on the GC.  It had two KOM climbs and looked like it would be a really tough stage.  It started out with a sprint jersey sprint which I started to early and ended up finishing 4th in meaning I scored one point.  I was disappointed not to score more points but I had to stay focused on the mountains ahead.  The first climb was really tough and I ended up losing touch with the lead group but staying in sight of them the whole time. After the descent I was able to catch back onto the leaders.  The lead pack was about 40 riders when we started the second climb.  Riders slowly got dropped and the last 1km of the climb was really steep.  After the down hill the lead pack was down to about 25 riders and would stay that way until the finish.  It was a super aggressive race with lots of attacks.  My team was just 8 seconds behind 3rd place for the team GC but we couldn't make anything stick and the 25 of us sprinted it out.  I accomplished my goal for the day of moving up on GC moving from 33rd to 21st.
The final day was a flat stage along the Han river with one sprint jersey sprint.  I was excited and motivated to do well but when I started the stage I realized my legs were fried.  I sprinted hard at the points sprint but I only managed 5th one spot out of the points!  In the finish too I had nothing so I just rode in with the field.  In the end I finished 20th on the GC (overall time) and 4th in the sprint compeition.  My team maintained 4th on the team GC as well.  Overall it was a good race for me but not quite as good as I had hoped.  I didn't get my stage win and my crash on the first day kept me from finishing in the top 10 on the GC but I'm still really happy with how I and my team rode.
After the race my whole team went out to get Korean BBQ to celebrate our efforts.  For a lot of riders in Korea the Tour de Korea is the peak of the season but I'm hoping to use it to build good form and hopefully do well at the upcoming races.  It looks like I will be racing once a week from now until the end of June in both mountain bike and road races.  I'll post my schedule on here soon!

6 스테이지완한것 보다 못탔어요.  스프린트포인트 먹고싶었지만 브레이크웨이 있어서한나 도 못먹었어요.  브레이크어웨이 생각이 없었어서 나 그냥팩이랑 타고있었어요.  마지만 500미터 에 팩브레이크어웨이 잡았어요.  좀 아쉬웠어요! 
7스테이지 제일 어려운코스이야서 기븐 좋았어요.  120키로 그리고 산 2개있었어요!  스프린트 포인트에서 저 4등했어서 1포인트 먹었어요.  더잘하고싶었지만 스프린트 일찍했어서 힘이 없어졌어요!  산에서 잘탔어요.  첫번제에서 앞그릎이랑 못탔지만 다운힐끝나고 잡았어요!  두번재에서 개석 앞팩이랑 탔어요!  마지막에 25명정도있어서 내 종합등 많이 어러갔어요! 
마지막스테이지 에서 잘타고싶었지만 다리 힘이 완전 없었어요!  스프린트 포인트해봤지만 5등했어서 포인트 못받았어요! 피니쉬에도 그냥 들어왔어요.  하지만 강연덕형 2등했어요! 
우리 팀 종합 4등했어요  3등8초앞에있었지만 우리 브레이크어웨이 못했어서 얼어못갔어요.  나 종합등 그리고 스프린트 4등했어요.  이번 티디케이 하고싶은것 한나 만할수있었어요.  스테이지 못먹었지만 괜찮아요.  그리고 첫날 넘어지는거 조금 아쉬웠어요.  3분 정도 일어버렸어요.  하지만 20등 까지 얼러갈수있어서 기븐이좋아요! 
이번 자잔거 시즌 시작했어요! 나 이제 부터 대회 많이 나갈거예요!  다음 대회 인천 레리이에요! 

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Judoboy said...

I am impressed by your korean writing. 한국어로 쓴게 더 이해하기 쉬워ㅋㅋ 첫째날 넘어져서 많이 안다쳤으니 계속 경기할 수 있었을거라 생각해. It is nice to visit your blog first time. Enjoy your racing with beautiful weather my friend.