Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wan Do Race Report: Team Cannondale 1-2 Finish! 완도 대회리포트: 캐논데일팀 1위-2위!

Yesterday was my first race of the season.  It was a 40km road race in the farthest south part of Korea that you can drive to.  I went down Saturday morning with my friend Kyle and due to some huge traffic jams we ended up arriving at 4:30.  We picked up my number and then went out and road the course.  The course was absolutely beatiful and a lot of fun to ride.  It was composed mostly of large rolling hills next to the ocean with great views of the other islands and some huge mountains on the mainland.  There were a few short steep climbs and one long gradual one with a bit of a steep section at the end of it.
Sunday morning I talked with my teammate Ji-Haeng (who I finished 1-2 with at the final race of last season) and he said he would push the pace on the climb to try and drop everyone.  The race played out a little differently than that.  There was a 1km or so long climb right after the start and Kim Dong Hyun(another really strong rider) attacked.  Ji-Haeng and I followed him and so did one other rider but he got dropped soon after.  We ended up with about a 10 second gap and just kept rotating and pushing the pace till we were well clear of everyone.  I was worried about the other rider in the break for the sprint but it turned out he was pretty gassed and when Ji Haeng lifted the pace on the long climb he was hurting.  I went to the front and pushed the pace more over the steep section so we could get a gap.  Then it was just Ji Haeng and I rotating together till the finish.  It was a repeat of the last race of 2011!  Unfortunately we weren't sure of where the finish line was so when we got to it we didn't get to throw our hands up together like last time.  
I'm really happy to get the 2012 season off to a great start.  I'm not doing any more races until the Tour de Korea starts on April 22nd and thats the biggest race of the year.  My goal is to win a stage.  I'm feeling a lot stronger than last spring already so I feel confident that I will be able to accomplish my goal.  I'll try to post some pictures of the race when I can find them. 

어제 와도 대회탔어요!  저는 토요일 운전하고 4시반에 완도도착하고 코스 탔어요! 창석 친구와함께 라이딩했어요.  코스 원전 아름다웠어요! 해변길이있고 산오러가는길도조금있어었어요.  우리라이딩 끝나고 고기먹었고잤어요.  일요일에최지행 형이랑 대획계획이만들었어요.형 제일 킨언덕에서 열심히 타볼거예서 다른 사람 못다다할거옜어요.
우리 계획이 좀 바궜어요. 첫작은언덕에서 김동현 형 아테크했어서 저 지행형이랑 다다했어요.  우리 3명 같이 긴언덕 까자 같이 탔어요.  김동현형 때문에 저곡정좀했어요  하지만 긴언덕에서 지행형 페이스 너무빨라서 김동현형 못다다했어요.  피니쉬까지 저지행형 이랑 같이 탔어요.  장년 홍천대회에서 지행형이랑 이렇게 피니쉬왔어요.  캐논데일 1-2 피니쉬했어요!  지난번 저일등 하지만 이번은 바꿨어요.  지행 형 일등 저2등했어요.
완도 대회 너무 재미있었어요!  코스 도 아름답고 재미있었어요. 
TDK 까지 아직 3주 남고있어요.  저그때까지 대회 안타고 그냥 열심히 훈련 할거예요.  이번 티디케이 저의 골은 스테이지 한 번 이기고싶어요.  장년 2등이랑 3등 했지만 이번은 꼭 한번 1등하고싶어요!  저 완도대회사진 찾으면 여기에서 포스트 할거예요! 

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