Monday, April 23, 2012

Tour de Korea Stage 1 and 2 투르드 코리아 1,2 스테이지

The first stage of the Tour de Korea didn't go quite as I had planned.  It was raining all day and I crashed after 5 km on a sheet of rubber that was covering the road along with about 30 other people.  It took me a while to get my bike untangled and get going.  I got to within about 10 seconds of the pack but couldn't quite close the gap and ended up with about 10 other people riding behind the pack to the finish.  I was happy to finish and I only lost 1:16 on the GC so I'm not totally out of the race yet.  It wasn't a totally bad day for my team though as my teammate Yeon Deok placed 3rd on the stage.  I didn't get hurt or damage my bike in the crash and at least I didn't lose too much time.  Hopefully this will be my last crash of the race.
Today in Stage 2 I rode much better.  It was a 100km stage with one mountain in it (a 3-4km climb).  Arguably the strongest team in the race this year is the BMC team.  They attacked a lot today and eventually a group of 3 got away before the climb.  I thought we would catch them on the climb so I sat tight in the pack.  On the climb some other riders attacked and on the descent there was a different group of 3 off the front.  It contained 2 BMC riders and last years 3rd place from the Stork team Kang Ji Yong.  My group was about 20 seconds behind them but despite attacking several times I couldn't quite bridge the gap.  The group ended up finishing about 20 seconds up on the pack at the finish leaving us nothing to sprint for.  It was unfortunate that my team missed out on the break because we are now a little bit down on the Team GC on BMC and Stork.  Tomorrow has 2 climbs in it and is an 80km stage.  I will try to update again.  I'm feeling good so hopefully when the courses get harder it will help me move up on GC.

이번 티디케 첫스테이지 잘못탔어요.  첫5키로에서 범프에서 30명이랑 너머졌어요.  해봤지만 메인 팩 다시 못 붗었어요.  저 10명정도랑 피니쉬까지 탔어요.  너무 힐들었지만 1분16초 빡이 안일어버렸어요.  우리 팀원 강연덕 잘탔어요  3등했어요.  비게속왔어서 너머지는 사람이 많이있었어요.  스테이지 2 더 잘타고싶었어요.
오늘 좀더 잘탔어요.  오늘 100키로 그리고 산 1개있었어요.  산타기전에 3명 브레이크어웨이했어요.  산에 우리 다시 만났지만 정상에 3명도 어테크했어요.  나 다다많이 해봤지만 못붙었어요.  마지막에 우리 20초정도 일어버렸어요.  아쉽지만 내일 도 해볼수있어요!  내일 코스 산2개있어요.

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