Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tour de Korea Stage 3 and 4 티디케 3,4스테이지

After riding well on Monday, I was hoping to do even better on Tuesday.  The course had once gradual climb followed by a steep twisty descent and then a long steep climb followed by 50km of flat roads.  I got in good position and rode the downhill carefully.  There was a bit of sand on the side of the road and a lot of riders crashed.  Last years winner Son Ju Young even crashed out of the race.  I was still at the front when the climb started and was able to go over with the leaders.  After the descent there were 10 of us but we weren't working together and ended up getting caught by about 25 more riders.  One of the race favorites attacked and stayed off the front solo until the last 5km when the powerhouse BMC team finally reeled him in.  I was positioning for the sprint and didn't anticipate anyone attacking when Hyung Mo(one of the strongest riders in the race) attacked with 2km to go.  I thought we would catch him but we didn't and I ended up crossing the line in 6th.  It's not a great result but at least I have been improving each day.
Today was supposed to be a hard course but the race ended up getting cancelled due to heavy rains.  I didn't think it needed to be cancelled but they had a team meeting and over half the teams in the race voted to cancel it.  It's too bad but hopefully I can keep making up time on GC on the other stages.  The next 3 days all have pretty decent climbs in them.

월요일에 잘탔어서 화요일에 더 잘타고싶었어요.  코스 좀 어려웠어요.  킨 크라임하기전에 위험 한 다운힐있엇어요.  다운힐에서 넘어지는사람 많았어요.  장년 1등 손주영 도 타쳤어요.  나천천희탔어서 괜찮았어요.  언덕에서 저 잘탈수있었어요.  앞에 10명있었지만 우리 같이 잘안탔어서 25명 정도 다시 왔어요.  강지용 브레이크어웨이 해봤지만 5키로에 펙 왔어요.  나 스프린트 준비했지만 6등했어요.  이키로에서 형모형 어테크했어요.  형모형 10초정도 앞에이겼어요. 오늘 대회 비 왔어서 취소했어요.  저 안좋아하지만 팀장 타투표했어요.  그다음 3스테이지동안 산이있을거예요.  저 잘타볼거예요!

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