Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Team Riding and Hiking

I was really excited after my great race last weekend so excited that I didn't get enough rest.  I ended up getting a pretty good cold/flu on Tuesday and it took me until Friday to recover.  I was happy that I had recovered in time for the weekend though because it was great weather to go riding.  Saturday I went for a a ride with my team.  We rode 120km along the Han river out and back and then went out to lunch together.  It was a pretty fast ride and over half of our team ended up bonking.  Lucky for them however the Seoul subway goes out to where we were riding so a few of them took the subway back to our cars!  It was great to get out and ride with my teammates.
Sunday I rode for about 2.5 hours and then I went for a hike with a few of my friends up Do Du Ram San.  This is my favorite mountain in the area.  its not really that big at 350m but the top has a huge exposed rock ridge that you can climb on.  They have ladders nailed into the rocks so that you can climb over the ridge.  From some of the rocks you have a great panoramic view of the valley and other mountains. 
It was also my birthday yesterday (April 9th) and I'm now 25! 
This week I have Wednesday off because its Election day in Korea and I'm hoping to get some good riding in both on Wednesday and on the weekend.  The Tour de Korea starts in 2 weeks so this is my last chance to train hard for it.  

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B said...

DEREK!! this is late but happy birthdayyyy :D heard from Alex that you guys might come to Oz at end of the year? hope this happens!
miss ya all heapss