Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tour de Korea Stage 5 투르드코리아 5스테이지

Todays stage went pretty well for me.  Yesterday I was thinking of other ways to do well in the race (since I lost 3 minutes in my crash on the first day) and I realized that I could still go for the sprint jersey.  There are 5 sprint points throughout the race and until now we have only done one.  So today I decided I would try to go for the sprint jersey.  My friend Brad Williams attacked near the beginning of the stage with a BMC rider and got a big gap.  I figured this break would at least stick until the sprint points so I attacked with a few other riders and bridged up.  We had to ride over the King of the Mountains sprint point in the break which was really tough but we stayed away until the sprint point.  I ended up getting second to earn 3 points while Kang Ji Yong won top points.  I think I'm in second place now for the sprint jersey and my goal is to finish in the top 3 for it.  There is one sprint point every day until the finish so I will have to work hard and make sure I get as many points as possible. 
The field came back together and the race ended in a bunch sprint and I was way to tired from my break away to compted.  Kang Ji Yong won the stage and took the leaders Jersey though.  He is an extremely strong rider and is now leading Lee Hyung Mo by a few seconds in the GC.  I think I moved up on the GC a little bit today but not very much.  Tomorrow is a relatively flat stage with a few rolling hills.  My goal is to score points at the sprint point again.  Saturday is going to be the hardest day of the race with 2 KOM points.  I think it will sort out the GC a lot. 

오늘 스테이지좋았어요! 저 다른 선수들이랑 브레이크어웨이 해봤어요.  피니쉬까지 못탔지만 스프린트포인트에서 저 2등했어요.  저 첫날 3분일어버렸어서 어제밤에 이대회 어떻게잘할수있어요 생각했어요.  스피린트 져시해볼거예요 생각했어요.  그래서 오늘 스프린트포인트해봤어요.  우리 브레이크어웨이 끝까지 못탔지만 포인트 좀 먹었어서 오늘 좋았어요.  이제부터 매일 스프린트포인트있을거예서 끝까지 열심히 타야해요!  오늘 강지용 너무 잘탔어요.  이제 스프린트랑 예로져시 다있어요. 
내일 스테이즈 산이 없지만 작은언덕많아요.  토요일 제일 힘들은코스같아요.  산두개 넘어가야해요.  내일 도 대회 끝나고 브로그 써볼거예요! 

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