Monday, June 8, 2009

ABR Crit Weekend

This past weekend we raced in Winfield, IL. This is the third time I have done these races and did very well last year with a 2nd place. I knew that Chris was on good form after getting creamed by him in some sprints on Wednesday afternoon. With that in mind we decided that Chris should be the designated sprinter for the weekend. We were in every break on Saturday evening and worked well to set Chris up to take several primes. Greg did a huge lead out the last time up the climb for Chris and he placed 2nd. I felt OK but not great and couldn't get in a good position for the final sprint. I finished 20th place.
Sunday was another good race for the team. There were a few small attacks at the beginning and after about 10 laps of 40 Chris got in a break with Mike Sherer and Josh Carter which I knew was gonna be the winning break because it contained some of the best riders from the best teams in the race. Greg and I patrolled the front jumping on any move that went. Chris' group got about a minute gap at the most and the race got more and more aggressive as it wore on. Coming into 5 laps to go I knew it would be a field sprint. On the last lap I jumped on Ben Renkema's (a teammate of mine from last year) and went for it down the last straight for 8th place with Ryan placing 5th. The race was a text book example of teamwork in action. More of that is sure to come this weekend when we assemble the full team in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

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