Thursday, June 4, 2009

more riding!

After a brief hiatus from riding due to a huge storm on Monday I rode 3 hrs on tuesday and 3.5 on wednesday.  Today I did a nice 2 hour recovery ride.  All of these rides have gone on at least one road that I have never ridden meaning they made teh ride that much more epic and passion filled for me!  I hope all of this training pays off over the next few weeks.  This weekend I will be in Winfield for the crits.  My research project writing is coming along nicely too!  I am making good progress toward my goal of having it ready to submit to a journal on June 15!  I am also job hunting but I am not gonna post anything about it until I actually have a job.  Keep checking though I hope to get it figured out in the next month or so.  

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