Thursday, June 11, 2009

Refreshing Trip!

I just got back from visiting my good friend Aaron at his place near Bedford, IN.  He lives in the huge hill country of southern Indiana and has 9 miles of mountain bike trails at his house.  Will came down too and we went for 2 laps of his super technical and fun trails.  Then his mom made us stir fry with vegetables from her garden and this fungus protein stuff called Quarn that I thought was chicken.  We had homemade corn muffins and pie too!  It was amazing.  Yesterday we went hiking around some state parks and climbed around a bunch of slippery rocks to look in a cave that had water pouring out of it.  Southern Indiana is pretty sweet!!  Then we did a super hilly 25 mile road ride and had more organic food for dinner again!!!  Overall it was a great trip and I definitely hope to go back for some more awesome riding before the summer is over!