Monday, June 1, 2009

Training Week!

I have ridden a lot in the past week.  I got 2 hours in Tuesday, 4 Wednesday, 3 Thursday 4 friday, 3 Saturday (plus we helped my friend Whitney move into her sweet new apartment for like 4 hours) and a century on Sunday!  Sunday's ride was by far teh most epic.  I decided I would ride my bike to Zionsville where my parents were because they are visiting the US for a few weeks.  It is only 55 miles on the highway but due to the fact that I wanted to take country roads it would take me about 60-65 miles.  I made it all the way to Lebanon on my intuition meaning I went only south or east and a lot of it was on 1 lane dirt roads!!! Then after grabbing a snack in lebanon I rolled out of town heading what I thought was straight east.  It ended up being north and I ended up back on State road 47 which was about 5 miles north of the town!  Oops.  So I found a dirt road back and finally ended up at my parents house after 75 miles.  My mom made me some awesome food for a snack and then my dad and I headed out and rode 25 hilly miles around the north west part of Indianapolis.  It was a great day of riding with even nicer weather.  This week I plan to continue to put in some long miles on the bike to prep for Tour of mt. Pleasant and the America's Dairyland Races.  I will also work hard with my writing on my research project!!  

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Danny Beis said...

So in other words... If we ever do a road trip, I'll be the navigator =P