Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Le Tour (of Mt. Pleasant, MI)

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan put on a great show of racing this weekend. These were some of the best organized first races I have ever participated in. The whole town seemed excited and enthusiastic about us being there to race our bikes and all along our 105 mile road race on Sunday there were big groups of spectators cheering making the race a lot more fun.
This was a really great race weekend and our first racing with the full team plus Paul Martin. The first day was a flat crit with 6 turns and a long finishing straight. I am normally a pretty good crit rider but not as much with long sprints. We decided to be aggressive the whole race attacking and following moves. Chris attacked at one point and got reeled in and then I attacked but was covered in about half a lap and then Greg launched and got a 15 second gap. We blocked well for Greg but he ultimately got caught with 1lap to go. Heading into the last lap Chris, Moskal and I were sitting around 20th position when Moskal told me chris was on my wheel. so I drilled it all the way up to the front and Chris took 2nd in the spint while I blew up and rolled in for around 20th.The next days road race was my first 100 mile plus race of the year. The plan was for me to go for the first points sprint which was 4 miles in. Andy and Vince gave me a great lead out but I didn't quite have the kick I needed and finished just outside the points. After a flurry of attacks and counter attacks a break with Greg and Dan established itself. I knew it would be the winning move because it had all of the big teams represented except Jet Fuel from Canada which kept trying to chase in vain. We continued to go with moves and block as their gap grew. Coming into the sprint I worked my way to the front with PM and Chris on my wheel and I drilled it on the front of the pack from about 1km to go to 500m to go. Then Paul took off and I blew up again. Chris took the field sprint which is exactly what we wanted. I was very pleased how well we raced as a team this weekend and despite not getting any results for myself I had a blast this weekend helping my teammates score some good results. Next up is the first 6 races of Tour of America's Dairy Land followed by the Hyde Park Blast and Tour de Grandview! I hope our team can keep up our great momentum. Also I have been job hunting it up and should finally have something to write about on that front in the next week or 2 so keep checking back.

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