Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

Our team had a great weekend of racing. I had an OK one but I think my form is on its way up! Friday we had an 80 mile road race and Greg did an awesome attack near the end but it got caught with about 1k to go. I ended up 22nd in the field sprint and chris took 8th. Pretty good. Snakey alley was another story and this was my 3rd year in a row of finishing about 50th place in that race and getting pulled. I didn't have a very good start which is normally something I am good at and I just didn't have a ton of endurance to really power after the climb. However Paul got 2nd, Dan got 7th, and vince and chris both placed in teh top 20! Awesome riding by all of them! Sunday was muscatine and I placed 20th after trying to lead chris and myself up the inside on the climb when we really should have gone on the outside. Monday greg got 2nd place in a break with Adam Bergmann. It was an awesome finish for him and he really deserves it! I got caught behind a crash in the sprint and got 26th one spot out of the money. Overall a very fun weekend with the team and I am looking forward to racing with this great group of guys for the rest of the summer! Up for this week is a lot of long passion rides to get some good form in my legs for the Tour of mt. pleasent, tour of america's dairyland and the Tour de grandview. I hope I can pull off a few good results at these races!


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