Friday, May 8, 2009

Sick and not doing well in the race

Today was the Road race and it did not go as planned.  I have been sick for the past week+ with a cold that won't go away and when I woke up this morning I didn't very good.  I haven't felt very fast the past few days and today was no exception. I got dropped on the first big climb and didn't feel like fighting for 50th place.  So I rode to the finish line a bit early and couldn't stop coughing the whole way.  It kind of sucked but at least I got to watch the race which was fun.  No one from my team did particularly well.  Tomorrow is the crit and hopefully I can at least make it though without getting dropped.  maybe I can sprint.... I guess we will see.  I am still coughing a lot today.  I don't know what I have but it is basically a cold that won't go away.  I think moving all of my finals may have caused a lot of extra stress and lost sleep causing me to get really sick.  I guess you can't win em all.  I am still having a fun time out here in colorado and am looking forward to riding the crit tomorrow!  

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