Saturday, May 9, 2009

sick but somehow doing well in the race!

Today was the criterium at Collegiate nationals.  It ended with a field sprint and Chris got 9th and I was 10th.  We both acheived our goals of a top 10 finish and we couldn't be more stoked.  Both of us just sat in for most of the race and then we moved up with 5 laps to go.  It was pretty hairy at the end as there was a break and U Vermont was on the front chasing.  We caught them with about 500m to go and I moved myself into good position but didn't have much left for the finishing stretch.  Chris passed me just a bit before the line but I am completely pleased with how the race went because I felt pretty cruddy this morning.  I was coughing up a storm after the race but after some hot water we decided to go ride Rist Canyon which is a 10 mile climb just outside of town.  It was painful with but well worth the ride. It was incredibly beatiful and we even saw snow near the top!!  Given being sick I am extremely happy with how I rode today.  Lets hope once I get better I can find some good form for the big crits coming up in Iowa.  Tomorrow we are gonna go for a ride in the morning and then drive to nebraska.  Feel free to call me in the afternoon or all day monday because we will be in the car.  

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