Sunday, May 3, 2009

Almost There!

Only 2 tests and one large manuscript stand between me and being done with school!!! If all goes as planned (which it will I will be done with all of that on Monday and in the car on the way to Colorado for nationals by Monday at 4pm. I should be working on studying or something but I wanted to post an update. Since regionals I got really busy of course but still managed to squeeze in a few short rides. I got a cold too but I am almost over it now. Friday I had a little "graduation party" and to my pleasent surprise my friends Dr. Sean and Sean Metz came down from Chicago to celebrate with me. It was a fun time for all with dancing, korean bbq, and other festivities. Most of the cycling club came out and it was a great way to say good bye to everyone who is leaving for the summer before I graduate. Saturday morning after cleaning up I went out for a nice 3 hour ride on my sweet Felt F1. I actually did an interval too on some of the hills near Battle Ground. I think my average speed was almost 30km/hr which I know thanks to my awesome CatEye Strata computer. Today I hope to put in another 3-4 hours on the bike to prep for the road race on Friday and the Crit Saturday. Wish me luck for getting all my academic stuff finished!


Joey said...

Nice sponsor plugs there, haha.

Danny said...

I was thinkin the exact same thing joey hehe