Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gettin Ready for the Big Dance!

I've been in Colorado preparing for nationals for 2 days and the Road race is tomorrow!  Unfortunately I am still a little bit sick with a cold and I cough after I ride hard but I am slowly getting better and will hopefully feel good tomorrow.  I am riding pretty well but the altitude is really killer.  We are staying with Jake and his fiance Alyssa who are both recent Purdue alums out in Loveland, CO and we are only about 15 miles from the race courses.  I am excited and nervous for my last collegiate natz and I hope I can pull off a good result.  It is incredibly beatiful out here and today we rode a 3 mile climb that had awesome views.  We might try to get in some more nice rides after the crit on Saturday and maybe sunday morning before we begin our incredibly long drive home!  I bought a disposable camera so I promise there will be pictures some time!!!

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