Monday, February 25, 2008

OSU Road race

Yesterday was the first race of the season. It was a 40 mile road race at Ohio State University. I placed 12th and had a few good break away attempts but my lungs weren't really cooperating. My asthma was bothering me every time I had to go hard for more than 1 minute. It ended with 2 guys off the front and a field sprint. I got 12th place but I am not very happy with it because I should have jumped earlier to move myself into a better position. Good news is Purdue cycling is looking really good this year and I think we will actually have a good shot at going to Road natz as a team which would definitely take the pressure off me to qualify as an individual. I think this is gonna be a pretty fun collegiate season. This weekend is races at Depauw university about 1 hour south of Purdue. Hopefully I can pull of a couple top 10 finishes and help Chris get some points up too. Hopefully my asthma gets better too other wise I will have to race more conservatively and just wait for the sprint.

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