Thursday, February 28, 2008

skiing action

I got enjoy some of the best crust skiing conditions of the year yesterday here at Purdue. Crust skiing is when the snow has melted and compacted and then freezes hard again so you can skate ski over any surface on top of the snow easily. It is a blast and yesterday was no exception. I felt great skiing and I wish I could have competed in the American Birkebeiner( this past weekend. In high school I used to do nordic ski racing and all through out my senior year I always said I would make a skiing comeback someday. Yesterday got me thinkin about the comeback again. This weekend we have 2 more college races and it looks like it is gonna be pretty nice weather which should get me psyched about bike racing again. I think I am gonna try to ski once more today before the snow melts this weekend. I also need to study for a big food safety test on Friday!!!

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