Saturday, February 16, 2008

riding and eating asian food

I did a lot of riding the past couple of days. Today I got out and did 3 hours in the 25 degree cold only to have it warm up to 40 later in the day. Last night we had a korean bbq at my house and we totally burned all of the meat. It was practially all char and no meat but still kind of good. then tonight I had chinese hot pot for my Purdue Cycling coaches girlfriend's birthday. Boris is the Purdue Cyclng clubs advisor and he also helps coach me. He is french and is has been a cycling official for over 10 years. He helps me mostly with race strategy and with races that i promote. Basically he is a great resource and I am so luck that I arrived at Purdue when he did. My racing ability has definitely improved since I started to work with him. Chinese hot pot is really good. You cook raw meat and veggies in a pot of boiling spicy oil. Tomorrow i am gonna try to go ride 4 hours out in the rain in the morning. Should be a blast!!! I can't wait to get out and race at the Ohio State University next weekend.

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