Sunday, February 3, 2008

Skiing and sledding

I have gonna skiing both Saturday and Sunday this weeeknd and it was great! Today I skiied in a really hilly woods that Purdue owns and it was a blast. The downhills are pretty hair raising since it is basically just a twisty single track through the woods and you have no way to slow down on cross country skiis other than falling. I was happy to have no crashes yet. It is supposed to warm up over the next few days but I really hope the snow doesn't totally melt. Hopefully it makes a really good crust on the golf course for skate skiing when it gets cold again. I also went sledding on Slater hill last night which is a big Purdue tradition. I went with some friends who had never gone there before so it was a pretty good time. There was a pretty big jump I went over a few times. I really love it when it snows at Purdue. Tomorrow I need to get back to serious training again though.

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