Monday, March 31, 2008

Michigan/Michigan State report

I had a dirt road race on Saturday up at Michigan State. It started off well for our team with 4 of our riders left in the pack half way through the race out of 20 people left in the pack. Then we missed a big break and had to use a ton of energy chasing it back down. After that we got Cody off in the next break that ended up winning it. He got 4th which is a great result! My roommate Will was taking some huge pulls to chase down other attacks and he placed 12th. I got 10th and Chris got 14th after flatting on the last lap but quickly getting a wheel change. It was a little bit disappointing as we were hoping to place 3 in the top ten but 4 in the top 15 is pretty good too.
Sunday we had a circuit race with a big hill in Michigan and that race went pretty well too. Chris attacked numerous times but no one would let him go. I went with a few moves but nothing stuck until a Eric from Milwauke attacked and we let him and
Alex from Marian get 30 seconds. That was it and the rest of us springted for 3rd. I ended up 5th and Chris 10th. Cody was still in the top 20 also. Then we had a 3.5 mile hilly TT in the afternoon that was pretty fun since the course was sweet. we haven't seen the results from that one yet but I will be stoked if we got 2 in the top 10 and 4 in the top 15 again.
This weekend I am organizing the race at Purdue on Sunday so I have been on the phone all day making the final arrangments and renting porta-johns. It is gonna be a fun race and hopefully I can win in front of the home crowd and bring myself up higher in the individual MWCCC points standings. More importantly hopefully the Purdue team has a good race and we get a lot of points towards going to natz!

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