Saturday, March 15, 2008

Spring break wrap up

I had a great break in Arkansas. Perfect weather and great riding. Tuesday we rode Mt. Magazine the highest mountain in Arkansas and there was snow at the top!!! It was about a 7 or 8 mile climb at 6 percent or so. Then Wednesday we did a 100 mile ride up to the University of Arkansas and checked out the campus. Thursday was a recovery day and Chris and I went to check out the mountain biking at Devil’s Den state park which was supposed to be the best in the state. We were pretty disappointed the trails were super bumpy and didn’t take advantage of the elevation in the area. It was like riding a trail from Indiana only it was bumpy and slow. Then we came back to the cabin and I went hiking with some people and we went swimming in a creek which was freezing cold but lots of fun. Friday we rode another century out to Oklahoma. We explored lots of cool roads and it was a blast. I love exploring new roads. Now it is back to Indiana to go back to school. Next weekend we are heading to Pittsburgh for the next set of collegiate races.

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