Thursday, March 27, 2008

time to get it up!
That is the link to the team overall standings for the Mid West Collegiate Cycling Conference. My Purdue Boilermakers are ranked 3rd overall and 7th on the A team standings. I am really pleased with how we are doing overall which includes all categories and really shows the depth of our team. The work we have put in to growing the team over the past 3 seasons is really starting to pay off. But we are not guaranteed a team spot at nationals currently since only A points count for that. We have 2 more full weekends of races left and we are definitly gonna need to step it up if we really want to go to nationals. I know we can do it but the rankings are providing extra motivation. Oh yeah I finally got a camera too so I will probably post some picutres here sometime soon.

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Joey said...

Man...I totally thought that was going to be a sexual post when I saw the title: "time to get it up!"... lol