Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mizzou and Arkansas

Well I guess you can't win em all. I was totally prepared for another weekend of domination at Mizzou but that ended early in the day after jon myers broke away early for a much deserved win in the road race. I was pretty well marked and it seemed like every time I attacked or jumped in a move it was doomed. Chris did well with a top 10 placing and i took the field sprint for 15th or something. The next day at Lindenwood I was out to do a little better and score some points. It was a really tough course with lots of turns and climbing and the field basically shattered. It ended with Kyle jacobsen form UW milwauke getting away and I sprinted for 5th place. I was pretty happy with that finish. Then we drove down here to Arkansas where we don't have internet to train for the week. Monday was an easy day we rode as a big group and I went mtbing a little. Also the local TV station came and interviewed me and put our club on TV. So everyone in this little town called Mountainburg knows who we are now. I will try and get a clip of that to put on the blog since it is pretty cool. Tuesday we rode mt. Magazine which is the highest point in Arkansas and then yesterday we did a 100 mile ride with some pretty good climbs. Today Chris and I are gonna hit up Devils den state park which is supposed to have the best mtb trails in the state and then Friday is our last full day and we are gonna try to do another 100 mile ride. The weather has been great and the riding has been even better so far. I will probably do another blog about the rest of the camp Saturday or Sunday.

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