Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Autographs, badminton and epic rides

3 days of school have gone by so far and it is going great!! The kids are so crazy for me that some of them are even asking for my autograph on their english book!!! Pretty funny I think. Now that I know most of the kids and they know me anytime I walk or bike through town I see at least 5 kids that I know and they usually say hi to me and try to talk to me which is really nice! Today the vice principal asked me to play badminton with him. It was fun. I used to play intramural badminton back in middle school so I had to bring back some of the old skills! after playing with him for 30 minutes 4 6th grade boys came and wanted to play with me. so I got payed to play badminton for like 90 minutes today! what a great job!!! Also the food at the cafeteria is awesome and they let you get seconds of everything!!! Tomorrow I teach the 5th graders which will be fun.
Today after school I decided I would try to find some epic trails to hike but I wanted to do em on my bike to make it faster. So after 15 minutes of riding I was about midway one set of mountains when the super steep single track started. I knew the trail would lead back to town so I decided I wouldn't turn around. It was granny gear or hike a bike climbing for about 4km. Then the single track abruptly ended into a brand new 1 lane dirt road built for servicing huge powerlines that are on top of the mountain! This looked promising and was heading back towards town. Needless to say I had a huge grin on my face the whole way down was amazing view and nice twisty 1 lane gravel road with a few switchbacks and steep sections thrown in to keep me on my toes! It ended about 1 mile from town on a pretty big road that kind of sucks to ride on but the cars here give me plenty of room. Then I did the 5km road climb up to the town hiking trails which are just behind my house and rode down the single track back to town. Overall one of the most epic rides of the year and it only took an hour and 45 minutes! I can't wait to find out what i can ride with a whole saturday!!!! I will take pics next time too!

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Joey said...

"built for servicing huge powerlines"

Yeah...that's where I would have stopped. The trail sounds pretty sweet though