Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fun stuff!

I went for a sweet bike ride monday after school up the epic dirt road climb and then I did 2 different single track descents off the mountain. one of which ended up at Wawajeong Temple which has a huge statue of a buddha laying down. Then I rode back up a switch backy road climb and back to Yangji! Good ride and lots more descents I need to try! Today I had a pretty great day! After school some of the teachers went out and had beers then I met up with some other friends for dinner. Then a bunch of my kids were out side the school playing and they came up to me and wanted to talk. so we walked up to the temple on the far side of town at the base of the mountain park. It was really nice and I enjoyed getting to know them a little bit better. We spoke about half korean half english so it was good practice for me. I am really enjoying living in this small town. it is nice that everyone knows me and is friendly. Up for this weekend. I am going to Dokso where the summer camp I worked at was to meet up with some of my camp friends which should be great! We are gonna go for a hike saturday. Saturday evening is up in the air and on sunday I am gonna go for an epic hike and then meet a language exchange partner in the evening! Should be a good weekend! and hopefully I can explore a lot more of the trails near my house!

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