Saturday, September 12, 2009

hiking and good riding!

Friday after getting done with school I was feeling pretty antsy and I wanted to get out and see some new mountains.  So I decided I was gonna walk until it was about dark in one direction and then come down the mountain where ever i was and take a bus home!  You can do that in korea because they have busses everwhere!!  So I went out on the local hiking loop and headed off towards another village.  I stopped at a buddhist temple then hiked up past some korean graves up another mountain.  The trail hadn't been used much recently but it was marked with yellow ribbons.  So I kept going and then realized I better get going down.  I ended up in a small village (actually in somones back yard and I had to walk through their garden of red peppers!  then I asked some old ladies where the bus stop was and sure enough 100 meters away was a bus stop.  I made it back to Yongin (which is the biggest city near Yangji) and then had to take another bus home >  The good thing about busses here though is if you transfer within 30 minutes the ride is free!!!! so it cost less than a dollar to get home!!!! Today I went into seoul to ride again and one of the guys (mark from england) is going to loan me his old cannondale CAAD 7 with 9 speed dura ace on it!!  I need to get a longer stem but otherwise it fits well!  This will give me a good reason to ride around Yongin looking for bike shops.  The ride today was great we took the train out of seoul and then rode in Yangpyeong and Gapyeong counties.  Lots of big climbs and a bit of rain too.  apparently you can put your bike on the busses here at least the big ones so I will bring the bike back to Yangji with me!  

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Chris Uberti said...

Derek, You're english is getting exponentially better with every day you teach engrish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!