Saturday, September 26, 2009

Teacher training and passion ride

Wednesday through Friday I was at new teacher orientation. it was for all of the new foreign english teachers in Gyeonggi-Do which is the province I am living in. They paired us in groups based on our county so I got to meet a whole bunch of people who live relatively in my area. The county I live in Yongin-Si is the biggest county in Gyeonngi do and most of the group live at least a 30-45 minute bus ride away. But at least the busses here are less than a dollar per ride!
In other news I went for a 3.5 hour long bike ride today! I first went to Yongin city (about 10km away to look for a bike shop to buy some long stem road tubes. I went to 2 bike shops and with my limited korean skills found out that the shops in Yongin don't have long stem tubes so I bought a huge patch kit. Oh well thats what you get for having a really nice bike with deep dish carbon wheels loaned to you! So with my knew patch kit I ventured out onto unknown roads! It was great views the whole way with some nice climbs too. I went south of where I live and after one 2 mile climb and descent it was mostly smaller hills and flatter valley roads. I rode through a bunch of small towns and then road towards Icheon which is another city further east from Yangji. Overall a very nice ride. Really great roads with minimal traffic for the most part too. I didn't see a single other bike rider the whole time either! Tomorrow I plan to go ride to the north for a few hours in the morning and then meet some other teachers to look at a historic fortress nearby. Also friday after the teacher training i had a new korean friend take me shopping for ties and some dress shirts. All the ties here have sparkles on them! Also all of the shirts have short arms too! but I found some pretty nice ties and a shirt that fits pretty well too. Now i just need to learn to tie a tie!

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